Re: profiling technology?

From: Andrus Adamchik (
Date: Sat Mar 08 2003 - 15:56:53 EST

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    Don't know about others, I was postponing real profiling till Beta,
    there is just too much refactoring going on now. After that I was
    planning to spend some time running Cayenne under JProbe that I have at
    work. I'd really appreciate any other profiler suggestions!

    As for Eclipse, it did not have a built in profiler so far. Another project (WOProject/WOLips - ) are working with jMechanic Eclipse
    plugin (, but I haven't tried
    it yet.

    Arndt Brenschede wrote:

    > - the constructor of "PrimaryKeyGenerationSupport"
    > which is called from the "DataContext" constructor
    > and accounts for 90% of the cost of DataContext-creation

    This is new, I was planning to look at it in the nearest future.

    > The bad thing about that is that this cost scales
    > with the number of DbEntities in the map
    > (109 temporary objects per entity)
    > - ObjEntity.getAttributeForDbAttribute(..)

    Optimizing this fits nicely into our recent ideas about caching all map
    lookups (though we discussed this in relation to inheritance).

    > It's an easy game to find these hotspots - looking
    > at the profile graph is like using a night vision device.
    > I guess you could boost the cpu-performance of cayenne
    > by a factor of something by just addressing the top-ten
    > hotspots - any plans :-) ? Anybody need advice on profiling tools?

    I do ;-)

    I am glad you started this work. We need to address this sooner rather
    than later.


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