Configuration cleanup (mostly) done!

From: Holger Hoffstätte (
Date: Sun Mar 09 2003 - 17:45:41 EST

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    I've spent the afternoon overhauling Configuration, ResourceLocator and
    friends; my PackageConfiguraton functionality is now just another setting
    in ResourceLocator, i.e. the old top-level-classpath loading still works
    just like before; if the current Configuraton is a simple subclass of
    DefaultConfiguration in a different package, that package is searched as
    well. This works for me both with expanded class files (eclipse build
    directory) and JARs.

    Other major cleanups involved the logging. That was a really bad one
    because it's obviously useful to have ResourceLocator log things, but
    since RL is also used for loading the log4j config you have a nontrivial
    initialization problem. In the end I not only fixed many hidden bugs
    (obscure things that worked mostly by chance) but also managed to put a
    lot more streamlined initialization order into the whole setup. Other
    cleanups involved more comprehensible method names for some things;
    unfortunately all that means a binary compatibility break but I think that
    teh recent changes did that already anyway..

    I have merged these changes into my local tree and all the unit tests
    'just work', so in theory I'd like to check this in asap; in practice it
    might be a good idea if at least Andrus looked over the changes (in my
    sandbox: org.objectstyle.cayenne.conf/util), if possible. Two things still
    remain to be done: Configuration(File) and something in the ServletConfig
    but these need tests first and are flagged appropriately.



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