Re: Ant vs Maven [Was: Building 3.0 from trunk]

From: Andrus Adamchik (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2007 - 08:55:13 EST

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    > As a maven-based project developer, I hate it :-)

    +1 - I am with you on that.

    > Everything takes much longer to build.

    Didn't notice that in Cayenne, but I won't be surprised - with Ant
    you can tailor the build much easier.

    > Nothing "just works" in Eclipse anymore.

    Eclipse works fine for Cayenne core modules. Itests often break,
    cause they are built against unstable versions of Geronimo, OpenEjb
    and pieces of third party J2EE stack components. Good thing is that
    you can work with individual modules as separate projects if you have
    your local repo bootstrapped from command line first.

    > And when something breaks or needs changing, it's beyond my skill-
    > set to
    > try to fix it.

    +1 - maven breaks A LOT and it is the most convoluted build
    environment that I know of.

    > Mind you, I haven't tried 3.0 recently because I fear maven, so in
    > the specific case of Cayenne, I may be overreacting.

    You should - I put lots of work in making it bearable (such as
    setting Eclipse project files in SVN, etc). It works now.

    > I know some people may want to do me physical damage for this, but
    > should we reconsider the maven choice?


    I take full responsibility for endorsing the move a year ago when the
    idea was proposed - it was a mistake, and we paid for it. But
    currently we have an environment that works. We are still prone to
    maven "upgrades", but going back would be a bad idea as well. Here is
    the benefits of Maven that we now enjoy between the sleepless nights
    fixing the POMs:

    * We joined the club of gullible people who bought into the Maven
    hype (I thought such thing would never happen to me :-)), so now we
    have a common (though crappy) platform for integration of the code
    from different projects up and down stream. I remember how much pain
    it was to create Maven artifacts out of Ant Cayenne in the past.

    * Maven popularity leaves some (if not much) hope that it will be
    fixed someday. (OT: believe it or not, even WebObjects developers are
    considering Maven these days!!!)

    * The project structure indeed became more organized than it was before.

    * As the number of modules grows, the ability to build them one-by-
    one becomes more important. You can do it with Maven, we couldn't do
    it with the old Ant based system.


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