Re: [JIRA] Created: (CAY-762) ERDiagram for Object Entities in Cayenne Modeler

From: Mike Kienenberger (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2007 - 17:50:22 EST

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    We'll have to do a "complicated license talk" with the ASF no matter
    what happens unless the published license of the code appears in the
    list of approved ASF licenses.

    And anything that does not fall under "Category A: Authorized
    Licenses" will be difficult to integrate.

    GPL falls under "Category X: Excluded Licenses"

    On 2/25/07, Adrian Wiesmann <> wrote:
    > > The license appears to be the Open Software License despite the
    > > commentary at the top of the page. We'd have to run this license by
    > > legal-discuss before we could use it as it has not yet been classified
    > > by the ASF yet.
    > I asked Francisco if he would mind if I redistribute parts of his code
    > under the GPLv2. This was no problem for him. I'd first contact Francisco
    > before doing some complicated licence talk with the ASF.
    > But first of all it would be required that everybody is OK with adding
    > some (this) diagram editor to Cayenne. My earlier mail was just a
    > suggestion. Please first have a look at alternatives and at the
    > source/implementation in question...
    > Adrian

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