cay-763 & cay-597?

From: Robert Zeigler (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2007 - 14:04:20 EDT

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    Any word/comment on cay-763 or cay-597?

    I attached a patch to cay-763 awhile ago... has anybody had a chance
    to review that?
    (The patch to 763 also fixes the issue addressed in my comments to 597).
    Would it be better if the patch was against the 3.0 trunk, rather
    than 2.0.2?
    Does the patch just suck? :)
    I also realized that I don't have a test-case for cay-763,l which I
    could add if needed...?
    I've been using my patched version of the code for awhile without

    Thanks for input,


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