RE: cay-763 & cay-597?

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Date: Wed Mar 14 2007 - 00:11:19 EDT

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    > Any word/comment on cay-763 or cay-597?

    I had tried to generate a test case for the failure you observed in
    CAY-597, but could not reproduce it. I see in the JIRA comments that
    you mentioned that could attach your code to show the error. Since I
    ran into the hiccup of reproducibility, I haven't had the time to work
    on this. Due to my airline woes, I've been playing catchup at a
    customer site.

    I should free some time up in the next day or two though. This is
    something I, too, would like to get resolved ;-) Plus, it'll be a nice
    break from product installation. If, however, you'd like to generate a
    test case (not your entire project) for CAY-597, it'll make it easier to
    accept your proposed fix.

    I'll look at CAY-763 once we finish up CAY-597.


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