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Date: Fri Mar 30 2007 - 09:25:11 EDT

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    > Maybe what would make more sense would be to create a svn instance for
    > SoC students. A branch would be great, but my guess is that there
    > would be a bit of administration involved to set up and restrict them
    > to their own copy of the branch. Maybe I'm completely wrong, though.

    One of the reasons I advocate a branch rather than a separate instance
    is the ease with which the mentor can then copy code over into trunk. I
    realize this may not be palatable due to a variety of reasons, but I
    think from a strict student-mentor relationship, it would help things a
    good deal. What I would really like to see, actually, is the use of a
    distributed SCM, but that doesn't even seem to be within the realm of


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