Is this Cayenne JPA Missing Feature?

From: Lasantha Ranaweera (
Date: Sat Mar 31 2007 - 23:15:36 EDT

Hi Cayenne Experts,

I have been working with Cayenne Geronimo integration quite a sometime
(working with my own speed) ;-) . After introduction of runtime entity
enhancement feature in Geronimo Cayenne also working fine. So we are
almost there :-) .

When am I executing JPA sample application given with Geronimo causes a
NPE in Cayenne side. Looks like it is due to the missing feature in
Cayenne side (according to the Cayenne source code comments). This
sample JPA does not provide field or property level annotations. So it
makes access level to null in Cayenne causes NPE (related to JSR 220 -
2.1.1). As soon as I introduce a property level annotation it works
fine. Any ideas comments?

(If this is a missing feature I would be greatful if somebody can fix
this issue ASAP :-) )


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