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Date: Thu Jun 07 2007 - 16:56:11 EDT

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    Coincidentally I also recently evaluated Bamboo for my client's
    development team in the last few weeks and found it quite usable. I
    expect it to be even more valuable on an open source project like
    Cayenne (if only cause Cayenne has real test coverage).

    Michael Gentry had a server machine that he and his employer kindly
    made available for Cayenne nightly builds (I am ashamed to say that
    for some time I didn't have a chance to do any work on it, restoring
    nightly builds). Maybe we can put an evaluation version of Bamboo on
    that machine, just to get a feeling how well it works with Cayenne?
    And if it does, ping ASF infrastructure about deploying a shared
    instance that other projects can use and getting the license setup.

    What do you think?


    On Jun 7, 2007, at 11:41 PM, Kevin Menard wrote:

    > Hi all,
    > Atlassian, makers of Confluence and JIRA, have a new continuous
    > integration product called Bamboo out. I've begun an evaluation
    > for use
    > at Servprise, and so far it seems quite nice. It can integrate with
    > JIRA and subversion fairly nicely. Is there any interest in applying
    > for an OSS license and setting something up to auto-build & test our
    > various branches? As a nice side effect, the generated artifacts
    > could
    > be used as nightlies.
    > Kevin Menard
    > Servprise International, Inc.
    > 800.832.3823 x308

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