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From: Ahmed Mohombe (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2007 - 17:45:01 EDT

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    >>> What do you think?
    >> IMHO you should try TeamCity from Jetbrains instead of Bamboo:
    >> It's much more powerful and easier to use than the concurrent
    >> products and since Cayenne is an open source project you'll
    >> get a license for free (this is true for IntelliJ licenses as
    >> well so the argument that it costs doesn't hold IMHO ).
    > Do you have a qualitative assessment of it compared to Bamboo?
    It's much better, with dynamic and quicker release cycle, and it's more about the fine details
    that make the everyday work easier. It also combines with lot of smart features
    (that IntelliJ users are use to since years).
    I evaluated for a customer last month the top CI tools and TeamCity won by far the race from
    all points of view. Bamboo is good to, but TC is simply brilliant.
    If you need something that is just "good enough" than of course Bamboo will to it too :) (other
    want however simply the best :) ).

    > I'm not
    > ruling it out, I just don't have experience with it. I also don't see
    > all of us jumping over to use IntelliJ just for Cayenne (the move to
    > maven2 makes this hard anyway), so if TeamCity doesn't play nice with
    > others, that may be a major hurdle.
    TeamCity does play well with all the other IDEs - even with .NET - see the website.

    > Given that we do use commercial software with open source licenses, I
    > don't follow your second paragraph at all. It reads like a tangent for
    > the sake of tangents.
    No it's not. It's the very frequent argument here on Apache forums lists or blogs against
    some commercial products that have open source alternatives (but don't have such big corporations
    behind) :) .


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