Re: Reconciling DataContexts

From: Kevin Menard (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2007 - 16:24:46 EDT

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    On 10/21/07 4:20 PM, "Lachlan Deck" <> wrote:

    > If this is something you'd prefer to do, Kevin, then I'd suggest
    > adjusting your velocity templates to achieve what you'd like for the
    > varying setter methods and so on. This is the usual place to do any
    > such abstractions.

    Certainly, that's doable. As is what Ari had suggested. The question is
    should there be a better "default". If it is common practice for end users
    to roll similar abstractions, that seems to be indicative of there needing
    to be a better default. Unfortunately, that's a difficult thing to


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