Re: [JIRA] Closed: (CAY-901) Cannot set more than one to-one relationship to null.

From: Kevin Menard (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2007 - 08:17:35 EDT

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    Thanks for the quick fix. I was going to create a test case over the
    weekend, but looks like I don't need to now :-)


    On 10/25/07 5:20 AM, "Andrus Adamchik (JIRA)" <> wrote:

    > > [ > > n.system.issuetabpanels:all-tabpanel ] > > Andrus Adamchik closed CAY-901. > ------------------------------- > > Resolution: Fixed > > fixed on 3.0M2 tag and trunk. Thanks Kevin for digging to the core of the > issue, so the fix only took 5 minutes for me > >> Cannot set more than one to-one relationship to null. >> ----------------------------------------------------- >> >> Key: CAY-901 >> URL: >> Project: Cayenne >> Issue Type: Bug >> Components: Cayenne Core Library >> Affects Versions: 3.0 >> Reporter: Kevin Menard >> Assignee: Andrus Adamchik >> Fix For: 3.0 >> >> >> Given three entities Person, Place, Thing. Person has a to-one relationship >> to Place. Person has a to-one relationship to Thing. Calling the following >> code does not work: >> person.setPlace(null); >> person.setThing(null); >> person.getObjectContext().commitChanges(); >> The place will be set to null, but the thing will not. The problem appears >> to be in DataDomainDBDiffBuilder#arcDeleted(). There, if the currentArcDiff >> is null, a new one is created and the arc deletion noted. If the >> currentArcDiff is not null, however, an arc deletion will only be added if >> the arcId has already been added to the map. In the case of the setThing() >> call, the currentArcDiff will not be null, containing the place deletion, but >> there will be no entry for the thing deletion. The thing deletion will not >> be added because of the blocking condition. >> It appears that either the condition needs to be removed or refined to >> account for such a situation. Given that I'm not clear on what the original >> intent was, it's hard to recommend a clear solution. Removing the condition >> fixed the problem in my codebase.


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