Re: DataViews - Proposal - move to sourceforge!

From: Adrian Wiesmann (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2007 - 12:28:58 EST

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    > > Whoever wants to work on a fork, I suggest you contact Adrian
    > > Wiesmann (who is likely reading this list). I think he already did a
    > > fork and placed it on SourceForge (?)
    > >
    > Well, as I mentioned, I'm not interested in "forking" but "moving" :).
    > I saw Adrian's work - it's not a standalone SF project, but part of some
    > other one, and as you
    > say - it's a *fork* :).

    Here I am :)

    To clear a few things up:

    - I wanted to be as "official" as possible when I started to work on the
    DataViews. Unfortunately nobody was interested to help out back then, so I
    went the way which required the least effort from my side -> add to
    existing project.

    - While "our" DataViews are managed in another project (, the
    licence was not changed and it would still be possible to create a single
    JAR from the current version. We did *no assimilation*, we did a move (and
    some changes so that the source compiles without the need of having to be
    compiled within Cayenne -> private classes etc).

    - Talking about licences. Go GPL3 and that should be compatible with
    the ASL 2.x.

    And last but not least. If anybody is really (I mean REALLY) interested in
    working on DataViews, please drop me a note and we will have some chat
    about where to head to with DataViews[1]. I am currently working on Gozer
    which I see as the "natural evolution" of DataViews. Gozer is about UI,
    DataBinding and EventHandling based on Cayenne and is planned to run with
    Swing and Click.


    [1] IMHO DataViews lack some functionality. One of which is lack of
    support for Swing components like fields and labels.

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