Re: generics and ObjectContext

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Date: Tue Nov 20 2007 - 14:55:18 EST

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    Le mardi 20 novembre 2007 ŗ 21:11 +0200, Andrus Adamchik a ťcrit :

    > I guess any query that does not take a class (SelectQuery may also be
    > entity-name based) would be Query<?>, resulting in List<?> returned.

    Query<Persistent>, indeed, since you can't put "new Query<?>()". Thus,
    someone could write about anything he wants, and I think it is a
    feature, since it allows you to say "I know what it will be". I.e. new

    I think only "SelectQuery" should the parametrized, and require a class
    to be constructed.

    Has the "setFetchingDataRow" been discussed ? Because
    context.performQuery wouldn't return the same kind on List with the same
    query object.

    ---- Random thoughts around that ----

    You may to consider that the query can have the "perform*" methods in
    the following way (may have been discussed in Jira, I dunno), and to
    allow chain commands :

    ObjectContext context = ...;
    List<User> results = new SelectQuery<User>(User.class)
            .andQualifier("registrationTime<?", new Date())
            .addOrder("registrationTime", "desc"),
            .fetch(); // or List<DataRow> [...].fetchRows();

    Making Query iterable instead of using performIteratedQuery would be
    better, too.


    MikaŽl Cluseau <>

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