Re: generics and ObjectContext

From: Kevin Menard (
Date: Wed Nov 21 2007 - 12:28:29 EST

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    I have mixed feelings on that one. Seems like too much code to change.
    But, maybe it should be expected.

    Like I said, I loved getting rid of all my casts with newObject(). But, at
    the same time, I had to add a lot more because performQuery() now returns
    List<?> rather than List. Before I was okay with the unchecked access, but
    now that's not possible for better or worse. In any event, a cast is nearly
    always required because retrieving items from a List<?> is going to require

    On 11/20/07 3:16 PM, "Andrus Adamchik" <> wrote:

    > Yeah, considering the rest of this thread (BTW, "setFetchingDataRow"
    > where mentioned at the beginning), I am also thinking along the lines
    > of taking generics out of ObjectContext and into some wrapper query
    > API, which would be either a modification of the current queries, or
    > indeed a wrapper along the lines of CAY-877.
    > Andrus

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