Re: Gearing up possible replacement of JEditor pane

From: Andrey Razumovsky (
Date: Thu Mar 12 2009 - 08:11:34 EDT

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    Just tried to type some text to the new panel. No sure whether that was made
    occasionally or not, but cursor behavior is quite weird. It is not located
    on the place where text is inserted! And that's not only view issue. Imagine
    this scenario: i type "select a" then hit backspace, "a" is not erased.
    "End" key does not move cursor to the end of the line. "Delete" and
    "Backspace" sometimes erase the symbol, sometimes not (they simply move).
    Also text constants in quotes were highlighted in jedit.
    I'm not against the new pane, but what's the point to reinvent the wheel?
    It's also required to assure that those jedit issues we have in jira cannot
    be reproduced with it.
    As about the problem with resizing, I don't remember totally, but I thought
    we fixed it, did we?


    2009/3/11 Andrus Adamchik <>

    > I just committed a patch by Olga Tkachova that implements a text pane
    > component with syntax highlighting similar to JEditor thingy that we used
    > for SQLTemplates. It is used for EJBQL queries and supports similar
    > highlighting approach, but without the problems with container resizing. It
    > also supports line numbering and will support error highlighting soon.
    > If it works out ok for the EJBQL query, I'd suggest we switch SQLTeamplates
    > to it as well.
    > Comments?
    > Andrus

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