Strange EOModel import issue

From: Michael Gentry (
Date: Fri Mar 13 2009 - 15:56:55 EDT

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    I imported an EOModel into Cayenne Modeler and it seemed to go
    smoothly until at runtime it blew up trying to parse a qualifier. I
    looked in the Map XML and found (as part of a <query>...</query>:

    <qualifier><![CDATA[db: = "OSIS "]]></qualifier>

    This looked very strange and I went back to the EOModel and it had:

    (contractOwner = 'OSIS ')

    (Yes, trailing white space and all.) Clearly the import messed this
    particular one up, but I don't know why. Other EOFetchSpecifications
    that were very similar worked fine and eye-balling the other
    qualifiers looked OK, too. I changed the Cayenne XML to:

    <qualifier><![CDATA[contractOwner = "OSIS "]]></qualifier>

    And have moved on.

    Any thoughts as to what might have caused this and if it is worth
    trying to isolate and fix?



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