RE: Obj Entity loses capitilization on attributes

From: Andrus Adamchik (
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 14:25:31 EST

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    Thanks for pointing this out. Just created a bug report:


    > I noticed another quirk in capitalization that gets funky during
    > database schema re-engineering.
    > My table names are in the form: "PatientExam"
    > Again, the DB Entity is named "PatientExam", but the Obj Entity is named
    > "Patientexam"
    > Please look into this when you look into the column case mods. Hopefully
    > it is the same chunk of code and easily repaired.
    > Thanks
    > Dave Paules
    > Quantum Leap Innovations
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    > Subject: Re: Obj Entity loses capitilization on attributes
    >> Hi all,
    >> Using Cayenne 1.0a6.
    >> When I reverse engineer my db schema, all DB Entities have the correct
    >> capitalization for columns. In other words, if a column in my Patient
    >> table is "lastName", then the DB Entity Patient also has an attribute
    >> "lastName", however the Obj Entity Patient loses the capitalization
    >> and has attribute "lastname"
    >> Is there a configuration or setting that is causing this? I upgraded
    >> from a previous version of Cayenne (1.0a5). Is it possible some local
    >> preference file is funky?
    > No, I suspect this is a bug in the algorithm used. Basically we mostly
    > handled naming conversion in the form "abc_xyz_123", but DbAttributes
    > capitalized correctly in the beginning are probably messed up by this
    > procedure. Need to submit this as a bug...
    > Andrus

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