query problem

From: Michael Schuldt (m..scensys.de)
Date: Fri Mar 12 2004 - 09:46:45 EST

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    situation as follwos:

    I've got a table "tb_offer" with the follwoing fields:
    - id (int)
    - name (varchar)
    - status (varchar)
    - current_stock (double)
    - least_decrease (double)
    - capacitySU (int)

    Now I want to create the following SQL-Statement:
    SELECT * FROM tb_offer WHERE status = 'on' AND current_stock <
    (least_decrease * capacitySU);

    You see, in SQL this isn't a problem. But if I want to create this
    Expression with Cayenne, I have to give up.

    A solution would be to use raw-sql but I have to use the resulting Objects
    (TbOffer) for update. By using raw-sql I have to reread the Objects after
    the first query.

    Any suggestions?


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