RE: Tapestry framework design applied on Swing app

From: David Solis (
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 00:26:45 EDT

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    Please check the Scope project at sourceforge.

    IMHO Scope is really good, however depends on Ludovic Claude free spare
    I haven't used Scope because I'm waiting for version 2.
    Cayenne modeler uses a previous version of Scope. Maybe Andrus Adamchik
    can give us a comment about Scope.
    Additionally you can use Scope with JGoodies Forms.

    Another good solution, free but not open source, is XMLTalk.
    Unfortunately its development is dead.

    I heard Spring framework has a subproject named RCP (Rich Client
    Platform) but I don't know its details.



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    > Subject: Tapestry framework design applied on Swing app
    > Hi , thanks to Mr Howard.L.S et al for creating a great framework,
    > we've been using Tapestry on 2 projects and we realize that we've made
    > the right decision by choosing Tapestry over Struts & Turbine.
    > And having unleashed the Tapestry IBinding power, I wonder if there is
    > similar technique applied on Swing MVC Framework somewhere in
    > world -- have done some Googling but no result.
    > Does anybody know such a Swing Framework ?
    > Thank you.
    > Yan Farmawan
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