Caching/Concurrency Questions

Date: Tue Jun 08 2004 - 16:26:38 EDT

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    I have just started investigating Cayenne and am very impressed so

    I am trying to understand the caching/concurrency model between separate
    DataContexts (within the same VM). I roughly understand the concept that a
    DataContext provides an isolated transactional container for the retrieved
    object graph but am not sure I understand how this interacts with the shared
    object caching.

    I put together a test script which did (roughly) the following:

    - Create 2 DataContexts
    - Retrieve same object into each DC
    - In DC #1
    change object property
    - Commit DC #1
    - In DC #2 change object property
    (to different value)
    - Commit DC #2

    When I ran this it looks like the
    objects are fetched into each DC separately (2 db calls) and changes in each
    DC are isolated and committed to the DB individually without updating the
    other DC (resulting in stale data in each DC after the other commits).

    The Domain does have Shared Cache enabled and I was wondering if this is the
    expected behaviour and if so how the shared caching actually works.

    optimistic-locking on the appropriate property I do then get an exception
    thrown on the second commit (as expected)

    Thanks, PaulC

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