Best use of Cayenne for a large scale game?

From: Elia Morling (
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 08:47:46 EDT

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    I'm almost ready to implement my Cayenne objects in my project
    and I would like some advice. I'm working with a game server that
    will host thousands of players, npc:s and items. Properties will be
    requested frequently.

    For example. When a player logs into the game. Should I get all
    properties from the DataObject once and store them in fixed
    fields? I could use a load() and save() method that communicates
    with the DataObject.

    Or should I simply extend the DataObject and used the geters and
    seters supplied? I'm mainly concerned with performance. I noticed that
    the DataObject stores all its values in a Map.

    I'm also unknowledgable of how the values are being read. How
    they are cached. And if there is a difference between how values
    and lists used in many-relationships are stored.

    Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.


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