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From: Daniel Mejia (
Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 09:30:42 EDT

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    I can provide time for research/programming if you can use it.


    On Aug 24, 2004, at 4:37 PM, Andrus Adamchik wrote:

    > Hi Jonathan,
    > Defining GUI tools strategy historically has been one of the most
    > painful topics in Cayenne developer community and for me personally.
    > Swing immaturity is one thing to blame. Swing is extremely bloated,
    > there is no common or agreed upon pattern to design complex
    > applications (I mean one that makes sense). To make Swing at least
    > partially usable, everyone around is trying their own little thing [I
    > have my own too, check it out :-) ->
    > ], so there is no
    > consistency and sanity in Swing development.
    > As a result, while we still keep our eyes open, we are very
    > conservative when it comes to embracing any particular 3rd party GUI
    > platform (otherwise we would've switched to Eclipse/SWT long time ago
    > :-)). So we go with our own standalone tools for the moment.
    > Having said that I personally would love to have a *professional*
    > suite for Swing development. The one that works around some decent GUI
    > application design model (e.g. JStaple bindings) and integrated with
    > Cayenne ORM tools. I am toying with this idea for a number of months
    > already, but unfortunately I can't see how such vision can be realized
    > on a volunteer basis - this is simply too much work. So I guess I am
    > looking for sponsors/investors ;-)
    > Andrus
    > On Aug 20, 2004, at 4:28 PM, Jonathan Carlson wrote:
    >> I ran across another unheralded, yet possibly complementary
    >> open-source project that reminded me of Cayenne partly because it has
    >> a really cool GUI like Cayenne does, but few have heard of it.
    >> Granted, I haven't done anything real with this tool so maybe it's
    >> not what it seems to be, but a few months ago I downloaded it and
    >> played with it a little. I was wondering if somehow DataViews could
    >> be integrated so they wouldn't be so abstract and difficult to
    >> understand.
    >> Having the GUI power of building an ORM layer and the GUI power of
    >> building a Swing App that is Cayenne DataView aware would be really
    >> cool.
    >> Too bad I'm just a visionary with little time to actually help
    >> integrate anything like that. :-)

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