Re: Left joins

From: Twan Kogels (
Date: Thu Sep 02 2004 - 03:31:56 EDT

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    Not a answer to your question, but more a tip to search. I'm using google
    to do a search, check out the following url:
    This will only give you search results which are located at
    "". In the search box there is something like " " just put your keyword at the end of that and
    start searching with google's advanced search set ;-)


    At 04:54 01-9-2004, you wrote:
    >All the other stuff is now working well .. thanks for all the help.
    >I have searched the mailing list archives on gmane and can't seem to find
    >and answer for this one. Gmane is doing strange
    >things with my searches too ... are there any other searchable archives of
    >the mailing list ??
    >I am just wondering if there is anything like a left join.
    >I am using the following line.
    >The extension does not exist .. but that is ok - I still want to return
    >the record.
    >It would be good if it simply returns null ... but it throws and exception
    >that it cannot find the object.
    >Is there another way to do this or should I just wrap some exception code
    >around it and deal with it.
    > Lindsay

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