Re: Should a toMany relationship contain transient elements after rollback?

From: Andrus Adamchik (
Date: Mon Sep 06 2004 - 18:23:47 EDT

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    Hmm.. if an exception is thrown on commit, Cayenne doesn't alter the
    state of the objects, leaving DataContext intact. So if you are seeing
    transient objects in a list, they likely appeared there before the
    commit was called. Here is one hypothetical scenario - you create a new
    object, add it to relationship, and then delete the other side of
    relationship with "CASCADE" delete rule. As a result NEW object becomes
    transient (but still before commit).


    On Sep 6, 2004, at 2:30 PM, Mike Kienenberger wrote:
    > I'm still using 1.1M5.
    > I'm noting that after a database failure on a commit, my toMany
    > relationship
    > list contains a transient DataObject for the object that would have
    > been
    > created and committed.
    > Is this expected behavior?
    > If not, was it fixed in later 1.1 releases? (I hate to upgrade cayenne
    > right now since we're planning on going live with production next
    > week).
    > If it's expected behavior, is my only option to invalidate all objects
    > that
    > I suspect have transient leftovers?
    > -Mike

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