More weirdness with dataContext invalidateObjects()

From: Mike Kienenberger (
Date: Fri Sep 10 2004 - 20:30:13 EDT

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    This isn't directly related to my last problem with rollbackChanges().

    I'm writing unit tests for my Struts application. So I can't easily (nor
    do I really want to) create a new DataContext for each test. However, my
    DataContext is "remembering" data between tests. My test setup() includes
    these values as the last two lines, which I had hoped would wipe clean the

                    // delete and recreate all existing data via non-cayenne methods

                    // wipe clean cayenne data context

    After this point, all data is refetched from the database using
    However, I'm getting optimistic locking failures when I try to run a test.
    The data in the problem object matches what was updated in the last test
    rather than what's in the database!

                    // generatePaymentMethodsList uses
    selectedUserBefore.getDataContext().performQuery() to fetch the data
            List paymentMethodListBefore =

            PaymentMethod paymentMethod =
            // 1)
            CreditCard creditCard = paymentMethod.getCreditCard();
            // 2)

            Calendar creditCadExpirationDateCalendar = Calendar.getInstance();


    Here's what I don't understand:
    If I call invalidateObjects at or before point 1), the old creditCard data
    is used.
    If I call invalidateObjects at point 2, the creditCard data is refetched
    from the database.

    A little bit more testing shows that if I use the following code -- even as
    the first lines of my setup() -- the problem also goes away.


    I have no idea if user code should be calling
    getDataContext().getObjectStore().getDataRowCache().clear(), nor why this
    works and not invalidateObjects(). Hopefully the answer to the last
    question is the key to my understanding of the nature of the problem. :)

    I kinda feel like I'm killing a gnat with a nuclear bomb.


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