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Date: Fri Sep 17 2004 - 15:57:20 EDT

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    "You get what you pay for!"

    Actually, in this case, you get quite a lot for what you pay ($0). Could
    the documentation be better, sure. Could the examples be better, maybe --
    they are pretty good. Any new technology has a learning curve -- if you
    spent the big bucks for one of the commercial O/R mappers you might very
    well find that you had as long or longer a learning curve. At least with
    Cayenne you have access to the source if you are having problems. The
    technical support here and from Andrus is incredible.

    I have looked at several commercial and "free" O/R mapping products and
    think that Cayenne is probably the best I have seen. I do find it fairly
    intuitive although the jump from thinking about DB from a relational
    point-of-view to an OO viewpoint is not easy. In relational, I tend to think
    from the top-down while I find in OO that "thinking" from the bottom (or
    nearly so) up works better.

    I would suggest giving it a weeks worth of time or so to try it out. I tend
    to use such tools on existing databases to reverse engineer the O/R mapping
    but that is not the best approach (most relational databases are not very



    On 9/17/04 3:01 PM, "kalpesh modi" <> wrote:

    > Hi,
    > I would like to comment that the Cayenne framework has
    > really very very poor help, documentation, sample
    > tutorials.
    > I am really frustrated using this product.
    > No help. No books !!!!!
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