Re: very poor documentation and tutorials

From: Bryan Dyck (
Date: Sat Sep 18 2004 - 03:13:37 EDT

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    On Sep 17, 2004, at 12:01 PM, kalpesh modi wrote:

    > Hi,
    > I would like to comment that the Cayenne framework has
    > really very very poor help, documentation, sample
    > tutorials.
    > I am really frustrated using this product.
    > No help. No books !!!!!

    Hi Kalpesh...

    As a semi-recent convert from Hibernate, I'm rather surprised by your comments - in all honesty, I've found that while Cayenne's documentation is perhaps a bit sparse in some areas, it is _worlds_ easier to read and make sense of than the sometimes-conflicting and out-of-date brain dump that is Hibernate's documentation. In fact, I've found that for the most part, Cayenne's docs are a breath of fresh air in terms of clarity and brevity.

    I'd encourage you to be a little more patient - I'd hazard a guess that most of us mere mortals didn't learn the ins and outs of O/R mapping tools inside an hour or so.

    Good luck!


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