Re: very poor documentation and tutorials

From: Sat Nashikkar (
Date: Sat Sep 18 2004 - 12:19:12 EDT

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    kalpesh modi wrote:

    >I would like to comment that the Cayenne framework has
    >really very very poor help, documentation, sample
    >I am really frustrated using this product.
    >No help. No books !!!!!
    Hmm...I have been extremely pleased with the cayenne team in terms of
    their quick turnaround time in responding to queries made on this list,
    and the documentation is satisfactory. It is a loto easier to get up and
    running with cayenne then with other similar OR frameworks.

    Besides, in the spirit of open source, if you see some gaps, you are
    welcome to jump in and contribute ;)
    Sat Nashikkar

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