RE: postgres PK serial column insert error

From: Jason Dwyer (
Date: Mon Sep 27 2004 - 08:27:10 EDT

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    this thread seems to have died off a little, so apologies in advance if
    its all over...

    .. anyway, i've recently toyed with cayenne for the first time, and came
    across the same issue: a-la the old EO_PK_TABLE in EOF from apple.


    i actually though this was a thing of the past, as the jdbc spec gives
    the flexibility to collect the generated keys straight after an

    i never liked the 'controller' table implementation: particularly nasty
    if you have a couple of independent apps hooking into the same db, or a
    cluster of appservers hooking into the one db.

    from memory, the more recent EOF (at least the mac OSX eomodeler) was
    making use of jdbc3.0 features.

    argh, perhaps i should quit my moanin, checkout cayenne from cvs and
    take a looks see...cos so far, so good, it just sent me back to see the
    auto_pk_table, thats all..:)

    redata software systems

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