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From: John Martyniak (
Date: Tue Sep 28 2004 - 13:24:23 EDT

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    I have two main uses:

    1) converting data object to XML to be used with XSL for data conversion
    (For example converting a series of Data Objects to Flat File) and email
    applications (Formatting of email).
    2) Data Integration - To import and export data from our WebO app to
    Commerce Server. Which is a little different than above because it is a two
    way stream, and it doesn't use XSL at all but instead uses WebOs XML Mapping
    feature to create XML in the format that Commerce Server can read and write.

    For a couple of the apps that have been developed this is one of the coolest
    features of WebO. Because just as the Data Objects map to the DB, you can
    also map the data objects to XML and back.

    It is something that I would like to see in Cayenne, because it seems that
    it should be tightly integrated with the Frameworks and specifically the
    Data Objects, especially as you drill down into the relationships.

    Just my .02


    On 9/28/04 12:53 PM, "Andrus Adamchik" <> wrote:

    > John,
    > XMLEncoder in Cayenne is a utility class used internally to encode
    > org.objectstyle.cayenne.util.XMLSerializable object trees to XML. If
    > you look at what classes implement XMLSerializable
    > (
    > util/XMLSerializable.html), you'll see that those are mostly mapping
    > metadata.
    > DataObject is not XMLSerializable. So it is not the same as XMLEncoder
    > in WebObjects. I wouldn't mind having a utility that encodes
    > DataObjects to XML, but this is arguably outside of Cayenne scope, and
    > thus not a priority.
    > BTW, what are your most common uses of XMLEncoder in WebObjects? Just
    > curious.
    > Andrus
    > On Sep 28, 2004, at 11:21 AM, John Martyniak wrote:
    >> Does anybody know of any examples of using XMLEncoder? I couldn't find
    >> anything in the docs, I only saw it in the API docs.
    >> I am a big fan of the XMLEncoder and XMLCoder in Web Objects, and
    >> would like
    >> to try this functionality in Cayenne.
    >> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    >> -John

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