Re: My Cayenne Modeler new feature wish list

From: Andrus Adamchik (
Date: Wed Oct 06 2004 - 20:47:32 EDT

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    I agree with all these suggestions and we should register them in JIRA.
    I can't guarantee that I will immediately add every checkbox that is
    requested, but these issues will still be helpful. When we have a
    critical mass of them coming from many users, we'll "refactor" them to
    form a consistent direction for the future Modeler.

    In fact I am already looking into support for "cut-and-paste" and for
    the navigation history in the modeler (I am thinking of "back" and
    "forward" buttons, just like the web browser). These should supersede
    (2) and (3), but specific usage patterns are still helpful.

    Same goes for the comments posted on "Modeler Question" thread by Kevin
    and Michael (Kevin already opened CAY-208, thanks!) - adding support
    for multiple objects selection in such operations as "sync", "delete",
    etc. is in the plans so having the specifics mentioned in JIRA should
    help to direct and expedite the implementation.


    On Oct 6, 2004, at 6:17 PM, Derek Rendall wrote:

    > As I have been working with the modeller I have thought of a few
    > things that would easy my task of creating a model for an existing DB.
    > Before creating JIRA issues on these, I thought it might be a good
    > idea to see what others have to say (and to make sure I have not
    > missed some existing feature that allows me to achieve what I want
    > :-).
    > (1) Ability (as a preference, particularly when reverse engineering?)
    > to treat string ids as meaningful attributes. I know from my EOF days
    > that meaningful ids are to be avoided, but sometimes they just make
    > life easier (or you have no choice :-). All the numeric ids I deal
    > with are meaningless, but the string ids are meaningful. For example,
    > our database has a number of key "type" lookup tables - having a
    > string as the PK saves lots of lookups on the DB for reports, summary
    > list displays etc. The type table in turn can contain data that aids
    > certain business processing logic based around the type (at which
    > point the lookup is not a big hit in the scheme of things). It also
    > enforces simple referential integrity.
    > A possible extention would be to have a button that makes an object's
    > primary key "visible"/"invisible", with the option to ask that the
    > attributes in other objects that are fk links to this object become
    > "visible"/"invisible" as well.
    > (2) The ability to push an attribute or relationship down to a
    > (specific) subclass or up to the superclass
    > (3) The ability to go back to the previous entity that you were
    > editing. Ideally some sort of drop down with the latest 10 (number
    > configurable in preferences?) entities (object or database) where a
    > selection jumps automatically.
    > Any comments? Shall I create JIRA entries for each of the above?
    > Thanks
    > Derek

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