Re: no datamap found???

From: Andrus Adamchik (
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 13:48:37 EST

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    Talking about jar versions, another problem I had in the past is that
    Tapestry/Spindle uses commons-collections v2.1 and Cayenne - v3.0, so I
    had to make sure that cayenne.jar is included in the run CLASSPATH
    *before* any of the Tapestry stuff... But the error would've been
    different in that case, so that's probably not very helpful.

    Again - try setting logging for the whole org.objectstyle.cayenne to DEBUG
    - you will see a full printout of what's loaded in Eclipse console.


    > Andrus Adamchik wrote:
    >> Few things to check:
    >> 1. Your cayenne.xml/*.map.xml files are in the Eclipse run classpath.
    >> 2. [the most likely cause] You don't have any other copies of
    >> cayenne.xml in the run classpath.
    >> Look at Cayenne startup messages, they usually indicated which XML
    >> files are loaded and where they are located.
    >> Andrus
    > cayenne.xml, etc. are sitting in WEB-INF/classes; they should be in the
    > classpath. =)
    > Double checked on 2, but that doesn't seem to be the issue.
    > I started looking at the eclipse log file, and noticed that the tapestry
    > builder is failing due to a "no class def" error for
    > org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory; but that's in cayenne.jar...
    > unless I've got another copy of commons logging on the buildpath... I'll
    > check on that... any other thoughts or possibilities?
    > Robert

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