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From: Michal Kozlowski (
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 11:18:27 EST

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    Okay here is another quirk that is definetly related, the original problem I posted created as you know the query

    SELECT t0.Disabled, t0.FirstName, t0.LastName, t0.LoginName, t0.UserId, t0.UnitId FROM dbo._UserInfo t0 WHERE t0.UnitId = NULL

    and this was going from
    Discipline.externalId -> _UserInfo.UnitId

    now there is another relation that links user's to discipline and that is a double join table, which I don't flatten. ->
                    ProjectDisciplineUser.userId ->

    now here's the kicker, when I create a new ProjectDisciplineUser relationship, it creates but the problem is that it tries to updata the _UserInfo.UnitId to NULL. Now this is a locked object as it is on a seperate live database, so it give me an exception. But the error is cause by an UPDATE query that is updating the UserId(to whatever userId i'm setting) and the UnitId(to NULL).

    Now when I remove the link in the cayenne files between
    Discipline.externalId -> _UserInfo.UnitId
    everything works great. This is the link that created my original problem/posting. I have a very strong feeling these a related but I really don't know why the field would be set to NULL.

    Thanks for all this help.


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    Let me take a look at the bug report. That indeed looks strange. Thanks
    for the test case!


    On Nov 9, 2004, at 12:22 PM, Bryan Lewis wrote:

    > I think I can help on reproducing the problem. We ran into the same
    > issue today with a SQL statement ending in "= NULL", for no good
    > reason that we can see. It's a simple one-to-many relationship using
    > a VARCHAR field as the key.
    > I had a good test case from a previous bug report that seemed to work
    > well for Andrus. I've updated it to cover this case and submitted it
    > as CAY-231.
    > Michal Kozlowski wrote:
    >> I feel I'm doing something wrong b/c you couldn't reproduce the
    >> problem.

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