Re: Storing a copy of a DataObject in the session

From: Bryan Lewis (
Date: Wed Mar 16 2005 - 12:39:22 EST

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    I second Fredrik's kudos to you guys. The CAY-256 patch Mike recommended
    below did indeed fix the problem, at least in my initial tests. I checked
    out the latest source from CVS (the patch wasn't yet in the 1.2M2 version),
    built it and the problem went away.

    Mike, you also said "so long as you're sure that your web app can't process
    two requests for the same session simultaneously." The test for that case
    would be: open a new window on the same session (with Ctrl-N in iE, for
    example) and submit simultaneious requests, right? Just making sure I
    understand the issue.

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    > Actually, your problem above was probably caused by the error stated in
    > CAY-256
    > A refetch or invalidate in another context probably disassociated your
    > object from your context.

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