Re: unit testing Cayenne objects

From: Cris Daniluk (
Date: Tue May 03 2005 - 15:14:04 EDT

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    This might well become the infinite thread :)

    > For example, how can I test
    > my login() method without a database at all when my User object that
    > has username/password is a Cayenne object?
    > But I'd love to be taught new tricks in this realm!

    If you check the list archives, you'll find some decent examples of
    mock DataContexts, etc. that people have created.

    As a generic way to solve the problem you described above, you could
    separate retrieving the User from authenticating the user, through the
    use of a Finder. Then, a MockUserFinder could substitute for database

    Of course then you'd be writing a unit test for the finder :)


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