Relationships between DataMaps in the same DataDomain

From: Mike Kienenberger (
Date: Thu May 26 2005 - 13:08:40 EDT

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    Are relationships between two datamaps in the same datadomain supported?

    The modeler seems to (mostly) think that they are, in that I can set up
    DbRelationships and ObjRelationships to a second map in my first map.

    However, if I set up a "user" ObjRelationship on "Rank" to target
    "SEC_INDIVIDUAL (AdminDb)", I get warnings like "ObjectRelationship
    <Rank.role> has no DbRelationship mapping.", and my map contains entries

            <db-relationship name="role" source="RANK" target="SEC_ROLE" toMany="false">

                    <db-attribute-pair source="ROLE_ID" target="ID"/>

    And it kills cgen when I try to generate my class files, probably because it
    can't find SEC_ROLE, since cgen only has access to one of the datamaps.

    I'm ok with either hand-fixing these problems, or extending cgen to support
    it better, but before I do that, I'd like to know that Cayenne really does
    support this already. :)


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