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Date: Mon Nov 07 2005 - 00:41:02 EST

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    Let me clarify. Access stack structure we are talking about is shown
    on this picture:

    DataRowStore scope is normally the entire application. It is shared
    by multiple sessions and outlives most of them. Its max object size
    is managed by Cayenne using the hint set in the Modeler.

    DataContext has its own second-level local cache (ObjectStore).
    ObjectStore has no upper limit on the number of entries and hence can
    potentially grow indefinitely. By design it is responsibility of a
    user to avoid that, still in most cases you simply wouldn't care as
    each individual session doesn't have too many objects and has a
    limited life-span.

    In cases when you do (e.g. batch processing described by Jürgen), one
    strategy to deal with this is to replace session DataContext with a
    new instance when it grows too big. Another one was described in a
    quoted message. Essentially it is a common-sense decision based on
    your usage pattern.


    On Nov 6, 2005, at 5:30 AM, Bryan Lewis wrote:

    > I can't say what the problem was there. I do believe it was an
    > overstatement to say that a DataContext grows without bound; the
    > source code
    > shows that the DataRowStore uses an
    > Of course I could be
    > wrong or
    > there might be a bug. (Something's not making sense here... the
    > default
    > cache size of 10,000 objects shouldn't consume more than a few
    > megabytes.)
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    >> So I guess the remark in this post
    >> 2005/10/0120.html is not
    >> correct and I can reuse the same DataContext?
    >> Oscar
    >> PS: Korbinian, did you try to set the Max number of Objects in the
    >> "Cache
    >> Configuration" instead of creating a new context?
    >> --- Bryan Lewis <> wrote:
    >>> Of course Cayenne doesn't keep using memory without limit. If you
    >>> look
    > in
    >>> the project properties in the modeler, you'll see a section "Cache
    >>> Configuration" where you can specify the Max. Number of Objects.

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