using boolean qualifier Problem

From: WONDER (
Date: Sat Mar 11 2006 - 19:18:39 EST

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    i have query in the GUI.
    ObjEntity.isChecked is java.lang.Boolean
    DbEntity.isChecked is BIT // i changed it also to Boolean didnt help
    In PostgreSQL table.isChecked is bool.

    (password = $password) and (username = $username) and (isChecked = TRUE)
    // this gives a warning in the GUI Cayenne
    // By executing i get the error: Can't resolve path component: [Account.TRUE]

    (password = $password) and (username = $username) and (isChecked = 1)
    // This doesnt find any result.

    So how can I handle a fixed values in the qualifier for booleans?


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