RE: violates not-null constraint question.

From: Gentry, Michael \(Contractor\) ("Gentry,)
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 09:07:10 EST

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    Also, the default value can be left in the database for documentation
    and non-ORM purposes, but that column should be definitely be flagged as
    Not Null in Cayenne Modeler and a default value assigned in the Java
    class. This is how ORMs (not just Cayenne) expect to function.


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    On 3/12/06, Joshua Pyle <> wrote:
    > Mike makes a point that I had trouble seeing when I first started
    > using ORM's. In order to use the default values the ORM would havre
    > the object and then read it evry time and insert or update was
    > performed. This would cause slowdown and inefficiency.
    > In the end default database values and an ORM just don't mix.

    And it's not like I came up with this brilliant thought on my own
    either -- I also thought I should be able to use DB default values
    when I first started using ORMs. I also had to have it explained to
    me as well :) The same thing applies to auto-increment db-side
    generated primary key values, although Andrus (and others) have worked
    out the methodology to "read-back" that db-side generated value.


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