RE: Caching problem?

From: Gentry, Michael \(Contractor\) ("Gentry,)
Date: Fri May 19 2006 - 09:05:32 EDT

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    Jeff, could you post the code where you are doing the second query?



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    Subject: Caching problem?

    Simplified version: I have a parent table and a child table, where the
    child table has a parent_id column and a status column. I change the
    status in one of the child records and commit the change. Later, I ask
    for the child records for the given parent record, but the child record
    that I get back on which I changed the status still has the *old* status

    instead of the new status. If I look at the database, the child record
    does have the new status (and in fact I can see the update and commit as

    soon as I commit the child record change).

    Why is the parent still seeing the old child status? An additional note

    is that I'm not using parent.getChildArray() but rather a
    SelectQuery(Child) that matches toParent to the parent I'm interested

    (This is in Cayenne 1.2B2 using PostgreSQL 8.1)


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