Re: Caching problem?

From: Marcin Skladaniec (
Date: Fri May 19 2006 - 19:28:56 EDT

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    You can try:

    DataContext dc = DataContext.getThreadDataContext();
    SelectQuery query = new SelectQuery(alert_subclass);
    List result = dc.performQuery(query);


    On 20/05/2006, at 8:05 AM, Jeff de Vries wrote:

    > I get the following compile error (I'm using Cayenne 1.2):
    > The method performQuery(Query) in the type DataContext is not
    > applicable for the arguments (SelectQuery, boolean)
    > I tried to find something equivalent for Cayenne 1.2 but didn't
    > recognize anything.
    > Gentry, Michael (Contractor) wrote:
    >> Could you try: List result = dc.performQuery(query, true); And see
    >> if it works better? Thanks, /dev/mrg -----Original Message-----
    >> From: Jeff de Vries [] Sent: Friday, May
    >> 19, 2006 12:18 PM To: Subject:
    >> Re: Caching problem? It's pretty straightforward. In the following
    >> code Person is the parent, and Alert is the child. There are
    >> actually many Alert classes (I'm using Cayenne STI), so the
    >> specific Alert class we're interested in is passed as a parameter.
    >> Also, I forgot to mention that if we shut everything down, and
    >> then restart, we do see the modified status (presumably because
    >> Cayenne really had to go back to the database to get the data for
    >> the child list). /** * Finds all Alerts of the given type sent to
    >> the given person * *..aram person * Person to find Alerts for *
    >>..aram include_hidden * If true, include hidden alerts as well *
    >>..aram alert_subclass * Class of alert to search for * @return
    >> List of alert objects, of given type, for the given person */
    >> protected static List findFor(Person person, boolean
    >> include_hidden, Class alert_subclass) { DataContext dc =
    >> DataContext.getThreadDataContext(); SelectQuery query = new
    >> SelectQuery(alert_subclass); query.setQualifier
    >> (ExpressionFactory.matchExp("toReceiver", person));
    >> query.andQualifier(ExpressionFactory.matchExp("deleted", new
    >> Boolean (false))); if (!include_hidden) query.andQualifier
    >> (ExpressionFactory.matchExp("hidden",new Boolean (false)));
    >> query.addOrdering("createDate",false); List result =
    >> dc.performQuery(query); return result; } On May 19, 2006, at 6:05
    >> AM, Gentry, Michael ((Contractor)) wrote:
    >>> Jeff, could you post the code where you are doing the second
    >>> query? Thanks! /dev/mrg -----Original Message----- From: Jeff de
    >>> Vries [] Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006
    >>> 12:09 AM To: Subject: Caching
    >>> problem? Simplified version: I have a parent table and a child
    >>> table, where the child table has a parent_id column and a status
    >>> column. I change the status in one of the child records and
    >>> commit the change. Later, I ask for the child records for the
    >>> given parent record, but the child record that I get back on
    >>> which I changed the status still has the *old* status instead of
    >>> the new status. If I look at the database, the child record does
    >>> have the new status (and in fact I can see the update and commit
    >>> as soon as I commit the child record change). Why is the parent
    >>> still seeing the old child status? An additional note is that I'm
    >>> not using parent.getChildArray() but rather a SelectQuery(Child)
    >>> that matches toParent to the parent I'm interested in. (This is
    >>> in Cayenne 1.2B2 using PostgreSQL 8.1) Thanks, Jeff

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