problems when running cayenne objects under ant tasks

From: DOMINGUEZ Felipe (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2006 - 05:41:49 EDT

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    I have problems when running cayenne objects under ant tasks.


    I have created some ant task that use cayenne to access the DB, but when
    running they cannot find the cayenne.xml file.



    This file is under the classes directory and the 'classes' directory is
    added to the task classpath (all other classes in the 'classes'
    directory are fund)



    The path definitios:


      <path id="project.classpath">

          <pathelement path="${classes}/"/>

          <fileset dir="${lib}">

            <include name="**/*.jar"/>




    the task thefinitio:


    <taskdef name="taskNamem" classname="com.mypack.myclassTask"
    classpathref="project.classpath" />




    the error :



    org.apache.cayenne.ConfigurationException: [v.2.0.1-incubating October 1
    2006] Error during Configuration initialization. [v.2.0.1-incubating
    October 1 2006] [org.apache.cayenne.conf.DefaultConfiguration] : Domain
    configuration file "cayenne.xml" is not found.


    Total time: 1 second




    Some other people had the same problem before, and the suggested
    solutions were :


    o To add the directory of cayenne.xml file in the $CLASSPATH

    o To create a FileConfiguration with a File object passed for ant




    but this was a year and half ago.




    I am wondering if there is a better way to do it today.


    Thanks for your support.






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