Cayenne 3.0 milestone 3 released

From: Aristedes Maniatis (
Date: Mon Feb 04 2008 - 08:45:05 EST

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    The Cayenne team is pleased to present the third milestone of Cayenne
    3. This is a development branch of Cayenne and still undergoing
    significant changes. A number of developers are using it in production
    systems, however if you want the most stable and tested version of
    Cayenne you should use version 1.x or 2.x which have a proven track
    record and are widely used in deployment.

    Release Download Link:

    This milestone release adds some exciting new features, including
    enhancements to the Cayenne modeler for lifecycle listeners and
    callbacks and the ability to merge changes to the model back to the
    database, extensive new work toward full JPA compliance, updates to
    cgen and the templates, and much more.

    This release requires Java 5 as a minimum. The decision to change the
    required JDK was made after a poll of users revealed no substantial
    need for Java 1.4 and plenty of benefits in moving forward. Generics
    are only partially completed in the public API at this time and we
    continue to try and balance the opportunities and headaches of a clean
    generics interface.

    All feedback, bug reports or feature requests are welcome and there is
    still time for new features to be added before 3.0 final release. We
    encourage you to test it in your application and report back any
    issues you might have so they can be addressed. Upgrade notes can be
    found here:

    Changes/New Features Since M2:

    * CAY-263 cdbgen (DbGeneratorTask) must support classpath and
    * CAY-329 Long vs. Integer PK
    * CAY-716 DataContext.rollbackChangesLocally() is not implemented for
    nested DataContexts
    * CAY-735 Embeddable class support in the package
    * CAY-736 Embeddable class support by Cayenne runtime
    * CAY-879 Storing lifecycle listeners and callbacks in the *.map.xml
    and loading them back
    * CAY-884 Add support for H2 Database
    * CAY-885 merge changes between model and db
    * CAY-900 Create CayenneModeler Swing UI for managing callbacks and
    lifecycle listeners
    * CAY-903 Support primitive types in DataObjects
    * CAY-904 Switch cayenne to Java 5: merge cayenne-jdk1.4-unpublished
    to cayenne-jdk1.5-unpublished
    * CAY-916 Ordering should be able to ignore paths with null elements
    * CAY-918 An exception during in-memory sorting of IncrementalFaultList
    * CAY-921 Remove DerivedDbEntity support from Cayenne
    * CAY-927 Switch to version 1.2 as default generation mechanism ,
    deprecate 1.1 generator
    * CAY-931 Enable revert action even for projects that are not modified
    * CAY-933 Embeddable classes - support class generation
    * CAY-936 Update Velocity templates for generics.
    * CAY-939 Add a means of updating custom superclass for all client
    * CAY-945 PropertyUtils support for "compiled" property access
    * CAY-946 JPA: property-based access to persistent objects
    * CAY-948 Implement flattened attributes in Cayenne
    * CAY-949 Factory for lifecycle listeners
    * CAY-950 Look up callback methods on listener superclasses
    * CAY-953 JPA: Single Table inheritance
    * CAY-954 EJBQL Query: Support for single table inheritance
    * CAY-956 Converter between Expression and EJBQL Expression

    Bug fixes since M2:

    * CAY-882 Configuration shutdown hook thread may lead to memory leaks
    * CAY-887 CM Usability:Recent Files list shold be longer
    * CAY-899 Default POST_LOAD callbacks break aggregate queries
    * CAY-913 ToMany Map relationships cause ClassCastExceptions on commit
    when the source is Fault
    * CAY-914 cdataport classloader trouble
    * CAY-920 ClassCastException when processing delete rules for Map
    * CAY-924 Update CayenneModeler for OS X Leopard
    * CAY-926 Refactoring class generator classes
    * CAY-932 Cancel doesn't cancel when quitting CM with a modified model
    * CAY-967 Caching doesn't work for paginated queries
    * CAY-974 Subquery EJBQL returns wrong entity in the result
    * CAY-976 EntityResolver Fault dependency leads to ClassNotFound on
    the ROP client

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