Re: many-to-many mapping resulting in incomplete SQL queries

From: Michael Gentry (
Date: Fri May 09 2008 - 11:20:21 EDT

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    Hi Daniel, I'm not sure if you've solved your problem yet, but from
    the code you posted, I don't see where you established any
    relationship between book1 and author1/author2. You had objects with
    no relationship defined, so you can't actually remove book1 from


    On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 4:17 AM, Daniel Doppmeier
    <> wrote:
    > Hello everyone!
    > I am new to cayenne and experiencing some problems, when modelling a
    > many-to-many relationship. After I could not solve the problem for an
    > application I am writing at the moment, I set up the following example
    > application, which is producing the same problems:
    > I modelled a small bookstore application, with two tables "Book" and
    > "Person". After that I created a join table "Person_is_author_of_book", to
    > map from "Person" entries to "Book" entries. On the object side of the
    > application, this would mean, that every book may have several authors,
    > whereas one author may have written more than one book.
    > Inserting and fetching data from the DB seems to work just fine, but when it
    > comes to deletion there occures my problem. This is what happens in my code:
    > DataContext context = DataContext.createDataContext();
    > Book book1 = (Book) context.newObject(Book.class);
    > book1.setTitle("The secret life of Donald D");
    > Person author1 = (Person) context.newObject(Person.class);
    > author1.setName("Huey");
    > Person author2 = (Person) context.newObject(Person.class);
    > author2.setName("Dewey");
    > context.commitChanges();
    > author1.removeFromBooks(book1);
    > context.commitChanges();
    > Everything is fine until the second commitChanges(), when I try to delete
    > book1 from author1's list.
    > This is what the logger says about it:
    > INFO QueryLogger: --- will run 1 query.
    > INFO QueryLogger: --- transaction started.
    > INFO QueryLogger: DELETE FROM Person_is_author_of_book WHERE
    > INFO QueryLogger: *** error.
    > As you can see, there is missing some SQL syntax after the WHERE clause.
    > Does anybody have an idea, what may cause this malformed SQL?
    > I am using the latest stable cayenne version 2.0.4, MySQL 5.0.51a-3ubuntu5
    > and java "1.6.0_06"
    > Thanks a lot for any help!

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