Re: Questions about Ordering, Optimistic Locking and QueryTable

From: Aristedes Maniatis (
Date: Sun May 18 2008 - 19:19:26 EDT

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    On 19/05/2008, at 12:09 AM, Adrian Wiesmann wrote:

    > We were discussing that on this list before. I am looking for a way to
    > generate DataObjects without a reference to a table in the database.
    > Something like a virtual DataObject.
    > My usage scenario is it to have a DataObject which can be bound to
    > the UI
    > but which is only used to prepare data for a query and never should be
    > persisted to the database.
    > I remember some discussion about introducing some kind of
    > inheritance to
    > Cayenne which would support my usage scenario. I just wanted to
    > check back
    > with you if something already happened there?

    There should be something coming soon with inheritance, but there were
    no plans to support persistent objects with no database backing at
    all. There is going to be the opposite concept: abstract classes which
    have a database table, but which can only be constructed in their

    Tell us more about why it would be useful to have data objects which
    cannot be persisted to the database.


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