3.0M4 : Fetching from relationship returns TRANSIENT objects.

From: Laurent Marchal (lmarcha..maeur.com)
Date: Thu Sep 11 2008 - 12:47:38 EDT

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    Hello again !

    I have a strange thing happening in Cayenne 3.0M4 :
    I have two tables ARTIST and ARTIST_AUX where extended artist's
    properties are stored.

    There is a relationship between ARTIST--->ARTIST_AUX where i checked "To
    Dep PK" since no ARTIST_AUX rows can exists without corresponding ARTIST.

    I have also a addPrefetch(ARTIST_AUX) when i retrieve ARTISTs.

    In my "artist editor" I create ARTIST_AUX rows at need and when an error
    occurs i do a rollback().
    The strange thing is that when i refetch ARTISTS_AUX with the
    relationship, instead of getting only existing ARTISTS_AUX, i get also
    the ARTISTS_AUX created before the rollback() with the TRANSIENT state
    and no ObjectContext associated.

    So my question is : is this normal to get TRANSIENT objects from a
    relationship after a rollback ?

    Laurent Marchal.

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