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Date: Mon Sep 15 2008 - 22:20:58 EDT

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    On 16/09/2008, at 12:02 PM, wrote:

    > I have been investigating Cayenne and have taken the tutorial. I
    > have just now started reading the information on the website.
    > I will be supporting a development that has used Cayenne as its
    > ORM. While I have used standard JDBC connectivity and the
    > connection object to execute SQL statements on a custom project of
    > my own, Cayenne is new to me.
    > I have been reviewing the development code that I will be
    > supporting, but I want a higher perspective so that I may understand
    > the methodology dictating the implementation. In that way, not only
    > will I understand better the code that I am reading, but also know
    > how best to support it.

    You are probably already aware of the superficial 'why use ORM'
    arguments [1]. Beyond that, you should read through all the guides on
    the web site, probably skipping the JPA Guide at this time and also
    skipping the Remote Client Guide if you are not using ROP in your

    After you've done that, please come back to the list with any specific
    questions you have. There are lots of helpful people here who'll be
    happy to help you. Once you start using an ORM I guarantee you'll
    never want to scatter bits of SQL through your code ever again.

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