Modeler Bug: DataNode Connection Info

From: Joe Baldwin (
Date: Sun Jun 07 2009 - 13:28:41 EDT

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    I am fairly certain this is a modeler bug, and I have some
    recollection that I might have bumped into it previously.

    Cayenne Version: 3.0M6
    Modeler Platform: OSX (OSX version 10.5.7)
    Actions taken: I deleted my .cayenne directory an re-entered my

    When Executing the following from Modeler:

    1. Tools - Generate Database Schema

    the "Generate DB Schema: Connect to Database" dialog window is
    displayed with the following defaults:

    1. "DataNode Connection Info"

    the User Name and Password can only be changed for one pass. The
    changes do not persist.

    This seems to be a problems only for the default "DataNode Connection
    info and does not affect the "Local DataSources" stored via "Edit
    Preferences" dialog window and selectable in the dialog drop-down list.

    My recommendation is that the default datasource should be the last
    datasource selected (and not an arbitrary default). This pattern
    seems more intuitive.


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