Re: Updating Cayenne Advice 1.x => 3.0: createAndRegisterNewObject is deprecated...

From: Kevin Menard (
Date: Wed Oct 21 2009 - 13:15:41 EDT

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    Hi Eric,

    It's been a while since I've upgraded from 1.x. Cayenne 2.x should be
    API compatible with 1.2, save for the new apache package names. The
    changes from 2.x to 3.x were mostly backward compatible. If you
    wanted to, you could upgrade in two steps, using 2.x to make sure you
    got all the object references correct.

    newObject should do what you need now. The data object will be
    automatically registered with the ObjectContext (note that this now
    the new interface for DataContext and CayenneContext). You can
    associate unregistered objects with registered ones and they'll be
    automatically registered with the same context as well.

    The really big change you need to be aware of is that Cayenne 3 is
    Java 5+ only. So, if you need to run on an older JVM you should stick
    with 1.2/2.x.


    On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 8:07 AM, Eric Lazarus <> wrote: > We have been using 1.x happily for years and now finally have a reason to upgrade: our need for embedded database (e.g., H2) support. Seems like createAndRegisterNewObject is deprecated. I assume we are supposed to use one or another version of newObject() instead. Is that right? What else should we do differently? > > What OTHER advice do you have for someone finally getting around to upgrading? > > Thanks! > > Eric > > > >

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